May 29, 2003

Our web site is up...

Welcome to our family web site. Our ambitions are not grand, but I suppose it is safe to call it a vanity site nonetheless. We do hope you enjoy our postings in any case, along with the occasional musings made about life in general, things local to the Seattle area, happenings among family and friends, or whatever else makes its way online for public consumption.

The real purposes of posting a family web page, and an associated web log, are many.

1. It allows us a place to post a few things of interest for us and our friends.
2. Everyone in the family can now have their own catchy e-mail addresses.
3. It provides a way to test Internet technologies outside a work environment.
4. We have a medium for learning and developing our Internet talents.
5. We thought it might be fun...

Sean, Elena, Raine (& Maya) Blechschmidt

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