February 29, 2008

Maya hits 8

Maya turns 8 and get clothes and something more fun. :-)










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January 17, 2007

Winter in Seattle

Today is the seventh day in a row that we have had daytime temperatures no higher than 35 &&d Fahrenheit. No big deal if you are used to Minnesota or Maine, but this is Seattle. Seattle supposedly has not had a winter like this, with snow on the grounds for days on end, since before I was born in the 1950’s.

We have had many days now of night time lows down into the mid-20’s, so we are not looking forward to the heating bill this month. 

Here are some pictures of the scenery around our little frozen burg…

Daylight breaks on the night's snowfall

Front yard

Oh, this was before more snow and ice...

The ravine looks nice in white though.

No sweeping the deck today. It's too pretty this way.

If we get the expected snowfall this evening, it will have snowed four times in the past week. The kids haven’t been in school for over a week now as well, which means they have had seven days of class since mid-December. Still waiting to hear when they might finish this summer…

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January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

With the winter storms, power outages, school breaks, holidays, and 2006 now past, we can all look forward to the beginning of a new year. Tomorrow the kids and I will return to school. They are understandably a little bit disappointed to go back, whereas I have gotten the first quarter back at college under my belt and have a bit of optimism about the upcoming few quarters at BCC.

The business ended the year with a rapid catching up to the orders of our main customers. With the new 5–axis Machining Center is online and nothing at the moment off-line except the telephone system that seem to have finally succumbed to Puget Sound Energy’s pathetic power quality, the task of getting completely caught up remains.

A short thank you to everyone we have met and enjoyed time with this past two months. I look forward to seeing you all again and wish you and yours a safe and happy 2007!

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December 14, 2006

Beach House in the Philippines

Well, the whole family just got back from visiting the Philippines. Elena and the kids left on Thanksgiving Day and I followed them a week later to see the progress on our beach house. Elena busied herself for most of the trip directing the electricians, plumbers, granite workers, carpenters, and drapery hangers in making as much progress in finishing out details as possible before the house blessing on December 9.

After talking with our neighbors, we found out the address for our home away from home:  03 Greenville Estates, Baroro, Bacnotan, La Union Philippines 2515.

The following pictures should help give you a sense of the progress on the house so far.

  • View from our property out to the National Highway.

View from property to National Highway

  • Dirt road from National Highway to the house.

Dirt road from highway to house

  • The PNR (Philippine National Railway) right-of-way in front of the house.

PNR right-of-way (soon to be a garden)

  • Gateway to property.

Gateway to property

  • Welcome to Baroro!

Welcome to Baroro!

  • Driveway garden.

Driveway garden

  • Front of house detail. (Thanks for letting us use the Pajero Uncle Oscar!)

Detail front of house

  • Entry-way to the house. I tried not to say anything about the goose (my mother-in-law’s idea).


  • Entry-way steps. The ceiling here is a nightly gathering spot for the geckos. High score: 11

Entryway steps

  • Front door carved in Balinese style in cousin Alex’s shop.

Front door carved in Balinese style

  • Entry foyer. House is laid out in two wings off a central foyer hallway.

Come on into the foyer...

  • Foyer ceiling detail. The paint colors and designs were Elena’s undertaking.

Foyer ceiling detail

  • Foyer looking left toward the door of what will become an office.

Foyer looking left

  • View through foyer French doors out into central courtyard.

Foyer looking out into courtyard

  • The courtyard has a low terrace with French doors to the inside.

Courtyard view from foyer

  • Looking right in the foyer. The living room is around the corner to the left.

Foyer looking right

  • View through the foyer window onto the courtyard terrace.

Foyer window into courtyard

  • Some decorations for visual interest in the foyer.

Foyer decoration

  • Pieces Elena gathered from Mexico, Philippines, Canada, etc.

Foyer mirror detail

  • The light through the glass blocks is brighter than the camera allowed me to capture

Foyer corner glass brick & sun detail

  • All the doors, frames, and window in the house are solid nara, tangile or molave.

Door to corner storage room

  • Archway entry into the living room.

Archway entry to living room

  • Living room with sofas from Italy and Germany store bought in Manila.

Living room

  • Four sets of French doors out to the courtyard.

French doors to courtyard

  • Living room detail showing one of several floor fans I came to greatly appreciate during our stay.

Living room corner detail

  • The tile and granite floors are cool to walk on, but they echo a bit…

Sofa set

  • Raine claims we are missing a large screen satellite TV that should go over in this corner…

no big screen TV just yet...

  • Detail of the living room drapes. Fancy drapes seem to be popular around these parts, surprisingly.

Living room drape detail

  • View from living room out into the courtyard.

Living room to courtyard view

  • View of the courtyard garden.

View of courtyard garden

  • Courtyard paving detail and the handy rocking bench.

Courtyard paving detail

  • View across to the bedroom wing and courtyard plantings.

View across to bedroom wing

  • Follow the pavers out to the garden and onward to the beach path.

Out to back garden & beach...

  • Archway entry into the dining room and kitchen area.

Kitchen/Dining room entryway arch

  • Two columns and the glass display case segment the eating space. 

Detail of dining room column

  • The dining set was moved into the house from my mother-in-law’s place.

Dining room

  • Arched exit doors out onto the courtyard terrace from the dining room.

Dining room exit to courtyard terrace

  • The harlequin pattern on the ceiling turned out very nicely.

Dining room table & chairs

  • View from the dining room into the first of two kitchen areas.

Dining room view into kitchen

  • Generous kitchen space & island; doorway leads to traditional “dirty” or “muddy” kitchen for cooking fish, etc.

Kitchen island

  • I wish our kitchen at home was half as big…


  • The house has some dual voltage here to allow for use of US made appliances.

Kitchen corner

  • Detail of the tile work on backsplash; the large ones cam from Turkey, the small ones from Mexico.

Kitchen tile detail

  • It was very pleasant in here once the ceiling fan was wired in correctly.

 Kitchen ceiling fan

  • Detail showing some of the various types of stone used on the floors and countertops.

Detail of marble & granite flooring used in house

  • Unfinished office off the left side of the foyer.

Office off foyer left side

  • Detail of the bedroom wing steps, arch, and interior bedroom windows.

Detail of bedroom wing steps, arch & interior window

  • This side of the house has wooden floors, windows, and moldings.

Bedroom wing wood flooring

  • Window detail; the depth is due to the house’s concrete block construction.

Bedroom wing hallway window detail

  • Elena said I should have taken this shot after they hung the group of mirrors…

End of bedroom wing hallway detail

  • Seating area with an old fashion sewing table and reclining chair. See the mirrors?

Seating area & sewing table in hallway

  • The first of three bedrooms. This is nearest to the front of the house foyer; door leads to a bathroom.

Bedroom nearest foyer

  • Another bedroom view; our Canon PowerShot camera is nice, but do not allow enough flash control.

Bedroom exit to small terrace

  • Entrance to middle bedroom.

Entry to middle bedroom

  • Middle bedroom with French doors out to side terrace.

Middle bedroom

  • Master bedroom. Note: the lamps for the room were installed shortly after this picture was taken.

Entry to Master bedroom

  • Plenty of storage to the left and the door to the master bath.

Storage in master bedroom

  • The drapes and French doors going from the Master bedroom to the garden terrace.

Master bedroom curtain detail (sorry about the exposure)

  • Around the room to the right showing the not yet fully installed AC and more drapes.

Master bedroom courtyard window (ditto)

  • Cannot get the flash to work properly in here, but waiting out the doors is the garden out there.

Master bedroom exit to garden terrace

  • Stepping out onto the garden terrace. The beach is straight ahead past the little jungle here.

Step out into the garden...

  • Garden terrace looking left toward the dining room windows.

Garden terrace looking right

  • Looking left from the garden terrace, which wraps around the house to the middle bedroom.

Garden terrace looking left

  • View from the terrace out toward the beach.

View from terrace to beach

  • View down the garden path. Due to the coral, you should take your flip-flops.

View down garden path

  • View from the garden back toward the Master bedroom and terrace.

View back from garden to master bedroom & terrace

  • Terrace view showing the driveway out to the front of the property.

Garden terrace wraps around the side of the house

  • View toward 2nd kitchen and dining room.

View toward 2nd kitchen and dining room

  • Where is that beach again? Oh yeah.

Where is that beach again...

  • My mother-in-law has a magic green thumb. These are some of her orchids.

My mother-in-law has moved many of her orchids here to Baroro

  • Down the garden path toward the beach. The garden was water every day except during the typhoon…

Down the garden path toward the beach

  • Hard for me to believe that none of this existed here but 4 years ago.

None of this existed 4 years ago...

  • It was nice to just stroll through the garden, front and back, to see the various plants.

Orchidae everywhere

  • Palm, hibiscus, bougainvillea, papaya, lemon, etc. A surprise nearly everywhere I looked.

Palm, hibiscus, bougainvillea, papaya, lemon, etc.

  • Some plantings decorated with sea shells.

Some plantings decorated with seashells

  • The nipa huts are still here; two of them. People were sleeping out here at night to stay cool.

The two nipa huts are still a popular naptime destination

  • Almost out to the beach at this point; things have grown so much since the last time I can’t see it though.

Almost out to the beach now...

  • The last major storm destroyed most of the gate; that's two gates done in by the elements so far...

The last major typhoon destroyed most of the gate; that's two so far...

  • Out on the gray sand beach looking north toward Bacnotan.

At the beach gate looking north

  • Looking down south, with Poro Point out there in the distance barely visible in the haze.

Beach gate looking southwest

  • Out on the beach looking north again past our neighbor’s fence.

Out on the beach looking north past neighbor's fence

  • Out on the beach looking south. Not that many people out here but residents and fishermen.

Out on beach looking down south

  • View back towards the house as seen from the beach.

View back to the house walking down the beach

  • The house is set back from the beach rather than right on it for a number of reasons.

House is set back from beach to better cope with ocean swell during monsoon season

  • Thanks for visiting! Maybe you want to visit for real next time… 

Thanks for visiting!


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February 25, 2004

Beach House Progress

Progress on the Beach House.

  • The interior courtyard

Interior courtyard

  • Living room; far wall to be repainted (Ernie doesn’t likes the peach color…)

Living Room

  • The master bath is a work in progress…

Master bath

  • Shower in Master bath; to be retiled with different granite.

Master bath shower

  • Foyer alcove with the “coppertone” paint job.

Foyer alcove with the

Many elements remain to be completed at this point, including the doors, windows, electrical fixtures, and hardware. So far most of the finishes look good, despite their specification and visualization from a few thousand miles away.

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October 1, 2003

Reunion: Interlake Class of 1983

Attending my High School Reunion this past weekend was a lot of fun. It is always a joy to see familiar faces - though a few faces I had hoped to see were not in attendance...

(Perhaps next time boys and girls?) There were three days of events all told.
Friday was the alumni-only informal bar night, which was very well attended. More people than for the 10th, and - it seemed to me - even more than for the couples event held at the Hyatt in downtown Bellevue the following evening. Things wound down only after final call. Sadly, final call was a bit early, and the location was certainly not what I would have chosen. A lot of fun, nonetheless.
Saturday was notable for Steve Ishikawa taking pictures of everthing that moved. I am told that pictures will be forthcoming (news of that in a later post).
Sunday, the unseasonably warm weather (82 or so) continued just long enough for the picnic out at Marymoor Park with a number of families, and some pets as well. Stacie (Murphy) Finnelly and her husband Robert have a pair of awesome Great Danes.

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Interlake Class of 1983 Contact List

After a short discussion with Deborah Atkinson, who was an instrumental part of this year's Reunion Committee, and Steven Ishikawa, who took a LOT of pictures over the first two days of the Class Reunion, there appears to be a consensus to put up a permanent home for the Class of 1983 on the Internet. It also appears I shall be involved somewhat in that effort.

As soon as the Reunion Committee is able to assess the funding left available after any excess planning funds are rebated, I would expect that some kind of budget will be put together to register a domain name and keep a site hosted someplace. The directory handed out at the Reunion will be available online in some protected form (I get enough spam as is) and I have hopes that those who either did not get notice of the Reunion or did not have the chance to attend will add their information to the site in time.

In the meantime, anyone visiting this site and wishing to be included is encouraged to send an email to me . Please be assured that any email addresses and information sent will be strictly used for the purpose of informing you of the Class web site location and any future Reunion events, and will not be disclosed to other classmates without your express permission.

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May 29, 2003

Our web site is up...

Welcome to our family web site. Our ambitions are not grand, but I suppose it is safe to call it a vanity site nonetheless. We do hope you enjoy our postings in any case, along with the occasional musings made about life in general, things local to the Seattle area, happenings among family and friends, or whatever else makes its way online for public consumption.

The real purposes of posting a family web page, and an associated web log, are many.

1. It allows us a place to post a few things of interest for us and our friends.
2. Everyone in the family can now have their own catchy e-mail addresses.
3. It provides a way to test Internet technologies outside a work environment.
4. We have a medium for learning and developing our Internet talents.
5. We thought it might be fun...

Sean, Elena, Raine (& Maya) Blechschmidt

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