February 29, 2008

Maya hits 8

Maya turns 8 and get clothes and something more fun. :-)










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January 17, 2007

Winter in Seattle

Today is the seventh day in a row that we have had daytime temperatures no higher than 35 &&d Fahrenheit. No big deal if you are used to Minnesota or Maine, but this is Seattle. Seattle supposedly has not had a winter like this, with snow on the grounds for days on end, since before I was born in the 1950’s.

We have had many days now of night time lows down into the mid-20’s, so we are not looking forward to the heating bill this month. 

Here are some pictures of the scenery around our little frozen burg…

Daylight breaks on the night's snowfall

Front yard

Oh, this was before more snow and ice...

The ravine looks nice in white though.

No sweeping the deck today. It's too pretty this way.

If we get the expected snowfall this evening, it will have snowed four times in the past week. The kids haven’t been in school for over a week now as well, which means they have had seven days of class since mid-December. Still waiting to hear when they might finish this summer…

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February 25, 2004

Beach House Progress

Progress on the Beach House.

  • The interior courtyard

Interior courtyard

  • Living room; far wall to be repainted (Ernie doesn’t likes the peach color…)

Living Room

  • The master bath is a work in progress…

Master bath

  • Shower in Master bath; to be retiled with different granite.

Master bath shower

  • Foyer alcove with the “coppertone” paint job.

Foyer alcove with the

Many elements remain to be completed at this point, including the doors, windows, electrical fixtures, and hardware. So far most of the finishes look good, despite their specification and visualization from a few thousand miles away.

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