October 1, 2003

Reunion: Interlake Class of 1983

Attending my High School Reunion this past weekend was a lot of fun. It is always a joy to see familiar faces - though a few faces I had hoped to see were not in attendance...

(Perhaps next time boys and girls?) There were three days of events all told.
Friday was the alumni-only informal bar night, which was very well attended. More people than for the 10th, and - it seemed to me - even more than for the couples event held at the Hyatt in downtown Bellevue the following evening. Things wound down only after final call. Sadly, final call was a bit early, and the location was certainly not what I would have chosen. A lot of fun, nonetheless.
Saturday was notable for Steve Ishikawa taking pictures of everthing that moved. I am told that pictures will be forthcoming (news of that in a later post).
Sunday, the unseasonably warm weather (82 or so) continued just long enough for the picnic out at Marymoor Park with a number of families, and some pets as well. Stacie (Murphy) Finnelly and her husband Robert have a pair of awesome Great Danes.

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Interlake Class of 1983 Contact List

After a short discussion with Deborah Atkinson, who was an instrumental part of this year's Reunion Committee, and Steven Ishikawa, who took a LOT of pictures over the first two days of the Class Reunion, there appears to be a consensus to put up a permanent home for the Class of 1983 on the Internet. It also appears I shall be involved somewhat in that effort.

As soon as the Reunion Committee is able to assess the funding left available after any excess planning funds are rebated, I would expect that some kind of budget will be put together to register a domain name and keep a site hosted someplace. The directory handed out at the Reunion will be available online in some protected form (I get enough spam as is) and I have hopes that those who either did not get notice of the Reunion or did not have the chance to attend will add their information to the site in time.

In the meantime, anyone visiting this site and wishing to be included is encouraged to send an email to me . Please be assured that any email addresses and information sent will be strictly used for the purpose of informing you of the Class web site location and any future Reunion events, and will not be disclosed to other classmates without your express permission.

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